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Slicing the ball is a common challenge between golfers. A 스포츠중계 slice is once the ball travels from a person course to the opposite [depending upon the left or right-handedness of the golfer], usually not during the path you desire it to go. This contrariness with the ball not to go straight toward the opening will be the bane in the golfing globe.

Correcting a golfing slice will not be hard, but may have to have loads of practice, patience and a lot more apply.

You will find 3 ways to suitable a slice. Seek the services of a golfing instructor, invest in some DIY textbooks and/or grab a golfing buddy to follow you throughout the fairways and show you Everything you’re performing Completely wrong.

In the meantime, practice these simple pointers within the yard or out to the class.

one. Line your toes up the right way – sq. yourself up using your toes close to shoulder width apart plus the golf ball about fifty percent way in between them

two. Place your foremost shoulder inside the route of the outlet. Wherever your shoulder points is in which the스포츠중계 ball will go

three. Maintain your swing even and peaceful, knees a little bent. Don’t seek to hit the golfing ball much too hard, jab at it or in excess of-suitable


4. Head need to be down and eyes fixed about the ball. Don’t glimpse to see where by the ball is going, your aim should already be lined up with The body positioning. Lifting your head will damage your intention

5. Often make sure to adhere to by. In the event the ball is strike plus the club is in excess of your head, You'll be able to search for

Afterward, don’t forget about to shout your golf buddy some liquid refreshment with the clubhouse. Significant tips could be traded and also your golf slice mentioned with all of the minutiae a enjoyable chilly consume permits.